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As of 2020 I have had several years of experience working closely with Owners, Managers, and Customers to design things they need and much more. I have worked with companies in the Financial Service Industry, Food Industry, Police Officers, Teachers, Real Estate Industry, Insurance Industry, Renewable Energy Industry, and much more. 

After years of many different job titles, I found this Niche with small businesses helping them design and market their company for cheap and efficiently.

Whether it is Designing a Website, SEO, Graphic Design Work, Marketing Materials, or anything your company needs I can help you!

Looking for help with more than just design?

Marketing is my major

Yes, I do advertise Graphic Design more than my Marketing because I love Graphic Designing for fun, but my Major and Main study is Marketing. All my previous positions have been Marketing Coordinators/ Directors, and I can help your business too!

Phone Calls? Cold Calling? I have background in each. I have cold called leads in the Financial Services Industry and the Real Estate Industry. Before then I was in the Public Safety department when I had to handle complaints as well as a Clerk answering phone calls and meeting customers face to face. I understand the need for great customer service! 

Have a website, but out of date? Well, I have background in designing websites for cheap! In the past year I have worked with more than 10+ clients! I have designed websites and updated SEO to make your website towards the top of Google! With years of studying and continuing my education on the Google Search Updates, I know how to help! 

Social Media posting not getting as much traction as you thought it would? This could be because you aren’t posting enough or because the content you are posting is not targeted to your customers! I have posted once a day every day for 3 companies in the last couple months, and continuing to increase our social media platforms! 

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